The world’s best teacher –the power of the E-word.

As an innovative training company, we focus on putting the world’s best teaching to work for you.  There is no better teacher than experience. That is what you will find in our curriculum, our methodology and our team.

Continuously improved curriculum.

We believe Dr. W. Edwards Deming nailed it when he introduced the continuous improvement process. In fact, we bet our business on that concept every day. More than 2,000 books on leadership and management are published each year.  Add to that new academic research, paper, journals, training consultants and there is an endless stream of new information that is impossible for an individual to consume. With all that new information about leadership and management being published every year, why are we talking about a management theory  made famous in the middle of the last century?

We use only the best information, whether its new research or 50 years old.  An important part of our job is to keep abreast of what works in the field of human resource performance. We constantly identify, select and read the best of it so that you don’t have to.  Then we incorporate it into our curriculum. It is our way of assuring you the best information and learning processes available.

Our methodologies are nothing new, but they are proven.

Learning is far from a science. People learn in different ways. Confucious said it best. “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. Our job is to understand how individuals learn; to share knowledge that corresponds to their learning processes and to constantly measure absorption and retention to ensure that what we share in our classroom, ends up being used in your workplace.   (its also pratical and applicable –easily applied)  

We think it is important that learning is fun. But it’s more fun when it really works.

Our team is skilled, diversified and experienced

In building our team, we place a high value on experience.  Academic achievement is fine as are specific professional knowledge and skill sets. To be part of the McKinley team, you need those, but you also need experience –lots of it.  We select team members who know what you need to know and who know how to share it effectively.

McKinley Solutions' vision is clear, simple and unwavering: we strive to engage and sustain the potential in people. Our vision is to put our clients on the summit – when they succeed, we succeed.


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