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When people think about the highest, toughest, most famous mountain climbing challenges in the world, Mount McKinley doesn’t often come to mind. But among those who know, it is one of the greatest climbing challenges in the world. Its arctic climate is among the world’s most unwelcoming. No peak in the world has greater relief. It’s vertical ascent rises 17,000 feet above the surrounding plain and is home to some of the world’s most demanding Alpine routes. Kilimanjaro rises 14000 feet and the revered Everest, only 13,000 feet from its surrounding plain.   Apart from its sheer physical challenges, scaling McKinley requires experience, teamwork, leadership, training, and knowledge. If you get those wrong on McKinley, you rarely live to tell about it. Among those who know us best, we are well respected as innovative learning professionals who share knowledge that delivers results. When it comes to team building, leadership and performance improvement, we have a proven track record achieved in demanding circumstances.

We offer you experience, state of the art knowledge, exceptional knowledge transfer skills, and a performance measurement system to make sure you get your money’s worth and more.   McKinley Solutions bring to your disposal a highly disciplined team of professionals with literally hundreds years of experience. We offer you people who have earned their credentials in a broad spectrum of business sectors; people who not only have the experience you need but are specialized in the best, most proven methods of sharing that knowledge effectively.   And we give you choice to select the experts you feel most comfortable working with.  Our people are focused on one thing: helping you improve the performance of your organization.

McKinley Solutions' vision is clear, simple and unwavering: we strive to engage and sustain the potential in people. Our vision is to put our clients on the summit – when they succeed, we succeed.


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