Forgetting.  The elephant in the classroom

We, as learning professionals, will be more effective if we make decisions based on a deep understanding of how to minimize forgetting and enhance remembering.     Dr. W. Thalmeir, CEO, Work Learning Research

Much has been made of the forgetting curve and its detrimental impact on training. One famous study found people forget more than half of what they learned within 3-4 hours. If that’s the case, why bother training?

The amount of information people forget depends on many factors. What people learn, how they learn, how they are supported, how they are tested all influence knowledge retention outcomes.  In the study cited above, people forgot more than half of what they learned because they were asked to recite nonsense syllables –irrelevant information that the brain naturally discards.

Our learning experiences are custom tailored to work related data. They are delivered in intensive learning experiences that are intrusive, entertaining active events. The curriculum is information they can take back to the workplace and put to use the next day in performing their jobs. Our retention measurements ensure that they do.  We are strongly motivated to ensure they retain and use the information and the tools we share with them.

If your team members do not retain and use the knowledge we share with them, why would you rely on us a second time?

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