Robin Palin

Robin Palin - Marketing & Public Relationship Specialist

Upon graduation from Sir George Williams University (Concordia) Robin began a career in journalism at the Montreal bureau of Canadian Press where he covered major national news and business stories. His transformation to public relations began as Director of Public Affairs for a national energy association where he grew the function from a $50,000 annual budget to in excess of $2 million in five years while demonstrating the power of an integrated advocacy program to bring about significant business solutions.

In 1980 Robin combined his knowledge of association communications and journalism to deliver cost-effective strategic communication solutions to a wide range of clients through his public relations consulting firm RPPR Inc. With offices in Montreal and Toronto, Robin and his team have developed an extensive integrated communication practice providing clients in the private and public sectors with marketing, public relations and public affairs programming to help grow their businesses and manage issues and reputations effectively.

Robin brings more than 28 years of public relations experience to our team. His work with both government at many levels and the private sector in the areas of healthcare, energy, natural resources, education and many other economic sectors makes him well equipped to provide value added insight to our core expertise for our public service clientele.