Moe Poirier

Moe Poirier - Facilitator, Coach

Moe is a vibrant and creative learning leader and coach, whose impact is born of his experience as an entrepreneur. Having built three companies of his own, he now thrives on working with high performance individuals and teams to achieve excellence. An Engineer by training, Moe delivers practical learning with an unconventional twist.

What sets Moe apart is his ability to bring learning to life. Whether coaching one-on-one, designing a workshop, or facilitating a session, he sets context and engages participants fully. His interactive approach and infectious enthusiasm keep learners focused and involved.

Moe helps other succeed by meeting people where they are, motivating them to reach for more and sharing tools that make a difference.

Moe has a B. A. Sc. Electrical Engineering (Systems) and Management. To this he has added courses in organizational and community development, strategic facilitation, professional speaking, sales and marketing and coaching.