Kendra Reddy

Kendra Reddy, CPCC, PCC, CNTC - Facilitator, Coach

Kendra has extensive experience working and coaching in high performance environments that measure success using multiple variables. Combining neuroscience of the brain, principles of energy management and experiential and creative coaching techniques, Kendra works with ambitious, intelligent, accelerated and emerging leaders and uses adventure and community as training vehicles through which clients get to practice for life’s challenges while embarking on outdoor adventure experiences.

Kendra has spent significant time leading retreats in California and Wyoming, providing clients with the appropriate challenges and supports to identify their unique strengths as leaders, develop new mindsets, habits, and rituals that deepen their sense of self-mastery, build resilience, and increase their leadership capacity to operate from a position of strength.

Kendra writes the Executive Career blog for the Financial Post newspaper, has been interviewed for CNN Business, wrote the Undercover Boss Canada leadership analysis featured in the Executive Post (2012), and has been featured on BizTV Canada. She is an Associated Certified Coach (ACC), a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Certified Neuroscience Trained Coach (CNTC), is certified in The Birkman Method assessment tool, and earned a certificate in Social Psychology from Ryerson University.