McKinley Facilitators Help you Train and Retain Good Employees

A good facilitator with a program that fits your specific need can reactivate disengaged employees and help prevent their disengagement in the future. The objective is to both train and retain good employees

Employee Engagement is the level of commitment an employee has towards the organization. The primary behaviors of engaged employees are: speaking positively about the organization to coworkers, potential employees and customers, having a strong desire to be a member of the organization, and exerting extra effort to contribute to the organization’s success.

In today’s aggressive business environment remaining competitive is “top of mind” for most executives. To remain competitive, you have to hire truly talented people and then you have to keep them. Turnover is not only costly in terms of replacement expense; it’s not productive, and it’s demoralizing to other team members when they see good people leaving the organization.

According to the Canada Council Human Resources Center:

  • 60% of employees are not engaged
  • 15 % are actively disengaged
  • This leaves only 25% of employees that actively engaged

Our facilitators give you a Needs Assessment to ensure you get the learning outcomes and business results you want. We identify the behaviors you expect from your participants.

Our facilitators create an inclusive learning environment for your participants. Everyone learns and benefits from the investment in learning through aligned processes, feedback loops and metrics to achieve your business outcomes.

Your program becomes established, sustainable and evolves internally as your business grows.

Facilitators help your employees:

  • Learn and apply the learning to build skills and behaviors
  • Work through complex challenges
  • Challenge and change approaches & attitudes
  • Strengthen your organizational culture
  • Deliver consistent customer experiences

How You Benefit from Facilitators:

  • Strategic Planning Facilitators – Engaging and aligning on strategy and planning
  • Large Group Facilitators – Engaging large groups in the same experience
  • Customer Advisory Board Facilitators – Engaging customers to share feedback and direction
  • Team Transformation Program Facilitators – Engaging and aligning dysfunctional teams