Duct Tape Olympics

“Duct Tape Olympics” - Duct Tape has a well-earned reputation for being the ultimate all-purpose fix it tool. It’s been used to make repairs around the home and in the most inhospitable environments including the moon where it was used to repair a fender on the lunar rover during the Apollo 17 mission!

The attributes that make it the world’s most reached for repair tool are also the same ones that make it the perfect prop for leading a wide variety of teambuilding activities: it’s versatile, strong and flexible (the same traits of highly successful teams).

If there was ever a time for people to learn how to work together (and stick together) it’s NOW; so grab the duct tape and let’s crown a Duct Tape Champion…

Teams will complete a series of duct tape events like the heptathlon in the Olympics; points will be awarded at each event for the top placing teams.  At the “Closing Ceremonies” of the event gold, silver and bronze medalists will be awarded.

Some of the events include:

Team Skiis – working as a team, attached on the bottom of your feet with sticky duct tape then walk then the race begins, just don’t rip the duct tape!

Channels – each team member with a “channel” made of duct tape, must work together to race other race as the marbles roll down the channel, make sure your marble does not drop!

Robot Writer – push, pull, lift up, lift down, at the end of a 3 foot duct tape rope, now draw the typically family portrait with a house, parents, children and some landscape, but it has to recognizable to win!