Sales Training

Sales are no longer about relationships. The top salespeople today are those that challenge their customers. A recent survey of salespeople found they fall into 5 categories and produced the following sales results: the hard worker (21%), the challenger (27%), the relationship builder (21%), the lone wolf (18%) and the reactive problem solver (14%).

Attributes of challengers include: offers the customer unique perspectives, has strong two-way communication skills, knows the individual customer’s value drivers, can identify economic drivers of the customer’s business, is comfortable discussing money and can pressure the customer.

Should you want to review the basics, our programs examine the steps in the strategic sales process including prospecting, presenting, negotiating, closing, and servicing the sale. Participants learn what influences and affects buying behavior by examining, categorizing, and explaining consumer psychological factors, such as motivation and personality types. Selling to the Internet-informed consumer will also be discussed.

McKinley sales programs and retreats send the message to your employees that they are valued and their participation and education is important.

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