Servant Leadership

The ability to empower the future is best exemplified by the servant ~ leader. Leading from behind is the true test of leadership. Serving others before oneself truly sets leaders apart from their peers.

Workshop Objectives:

To explore and learn to apply the servant leader’s aptitudes of:

  • Listening intently to reinforce decision-making skills
  • Empathy and understanding of the special and unique spirits of people
  • Self-awareness
  • The use of persuasion rather than positional authority
  • Conceptualization of ideas beyond day-to-day realities
  • Foresight of outcomes based on understanding the lessons from the past,
  • the realities of the present
  • Commitment to the growth of others
  • Building community among those who work within the organization

Workshop Outcomes:

As a leader, you will improve your ability to:

  • Leverage the principles of servant leadership
  • Achieve your organization’s goals and objectives and ensure the future you envision.