Fusion Leadership

Fusion Leadership describes a new way of leading based on "fusion," a coming together of whole individuals to accomplish mutual goals based on shared vision and values. Fusion leaders are those who engage not only the bodies and minds of their employees, but also their hearts and souls.

Unlike the traditional, hierarchical "fission" management style used for centuries in business, fusion leadership supports personal growth and ingenuity, qualities that facilitate change.

  1. Mindfulness, they say, represents independent thinking, personal creativity, and an open mind.
  2. Vision encompasses the higher purpose toward which people work.
  3. Heart represents caring and compassion-positive feelings that underlie workplace relationships.
  4. Communication influences vision, values, and emotions; it also involves listening and discerning.
  5. Courage motivates people to take risks.
  6. Integrity involves honesty, trust, and service-going beyond self-interest to give something to the organization.

Reference: Fusion Leadership, Daft and Lengel