Leadership Development

From strategist to visionary, from commander to storyteller and from systems architect to change agent and servant - becoming a leader is a path of continuous learning. Learn more about how McKinley can help you along that path.

Team Building

“teamwork is a choice.” “Too often we believe that the pursuit of teamwork is mandatory. And when people see teamwork as a “must do” rather than as a “choose to,” they avoid the necessary work of making it a reality.” McKinley has demonstrated time and time again that its team building programs not only produce results but also are fun, engaging and give back to the community.


McKinley Communication Workshops start with recognized assessments of learning and behavior styles. Based on the results, tailored communications programs are developed to meet the specific needs of your team and organization.

Sales Training

McKinley Sales training examines the steps in the strategic sales process including prospecting, presenting, negotiating, closing, and servicing the sale. Participants learn what influences and affects buying behavior by examining, categorizing, and explaining consumer psychological factors, such as motivation and personality types. They will explore the selling process especially as it relates to your business.