Team retreats:

Without team retreats, you are like a football team that never huddles, never practices, never plans and does not hold training camps. To ensure the growth and profitability of your business, you must continuously re-evaluate your goals, business model, plan of attack and focus.

Your staff is a team. And the team consists of people in a variety of skilled positions needed to conduct your business and deliver on your brand promise. Off-site staff retreats offer an invaluable opportunity for the whole team to pause, step back from their everyday duties of working “in the business” and gain enough perspective to reflect “on the business” in constructive ways.

Management retreats:

Even with good leaders, high-quality staff and an intelligent game plan, a company immersed entirely in the minute-to-minute operations of its business will limp along carrying quiet symptoms of dysfunction.

By pausing your operations and taking some uninterrupted time to develop staff cohesion; to reflect on changes needed to handle current business and market conditions; and to secure 100% buy-in from employees on key aspects of your business, you are acting in the best interests of both your customers and your staff.

Executive retreats:

According to Mike Whitehead of Whitehead Associates, there are many reasons why executive retreats are necessary, but executives tend to come together for three reasons.

“The first one is they want to work on their strategic vision and plan for their future as an organization, and do that without being distracted by phones ringing at the office and e-mails, Second they want to work better as a group and learn about each other’s personalities, motives and communication styles. Thirdly, they come because they want to celebrate … and acknowledge the high achievers in the organization.”

McKinley executive retreats are tailored to meet not only these reasons but also any specific challenges facing your senior executive team.

Sales retreats:

While in the office, sales teams in particular are often disrupted by phone calls, be it initial sales calls or follow customer care; this is the essence of their work. Getting away from the office can allow them to open up and see a new perspective on an old problem or a new product because of the change of environment.

Off-site retreats send the message to employees that they are valued and their participation and education is important enough to take them right away from their work environment. Because people are out of their normal environment they tend to bond more quickly with other team members.

McKinley sales retreats are an effective and timely way to introduce new products and address challenges related to current products.

Company retreats:

there are many benefits to company retreats: interaction – One of the major benefits of company is team building, as soon as employees go on an offsite retreat, new and everlasting bonds are built; rewards – company retreats are a good way to reward your employees; and goals and objectives – during office hours, people are not as focused as they are on a retreat, due to bonds which are built on a retreat, people move in the same direction and start working to achieve the same goals and objectives.

McKinley company retreats facilitate opportunities for interaction, providing rewards and setting goals and objectives.