“Building a Tent” - Picture the scene: It’s late, it’s dark outside, and you can’t see a thing; you and your team have to pitch your tent before the thunder storm arrives! Now the team challenge begins.

Your team has approximately 15 minutes to successfully pitch your tent in the most timely and effective way possible. Unfortunately, you are working blind… in one way or another. You’ll have to communicate solely through verbal communication. Team members might find this a little tricky at first as they just aren’t accustomed to communicating with colleagues or customers in close proximity without being able to see facial expressions or bodily movements.

Teams will be given a tent which they must assemble. Some of the members of the team will be blindfolded, while others members of the team must provide a guidance and communication role only. As a blindfolded tent builder, you will be disorientated and have no knowledge of what state the tent is in. You will have to take your team leader’s word for things and bring your other senses into play such as your hearing and co-ordination.

As the team leader, you will need to master the art of verbal communication and guide your blindfolded team mates to help them assemble their tent without touching the tent or the participants. Good communication is the key factor when guiding your team, but the blindfolded team members will be tested to the max and must carefully listen to their team leader in order to complete their task and succeed!

A charity of choice for the Build-A-Tent can be a local Scouts or Girl Guide Troop.