Build a Mini Putt Golf Course for Charity

Build a Mini Putt Golf Course for Charity is a fun, creative teambonding activity requiring teams to be responsible for designing and building a unique one-of-a-kind mini putt golf course hole. The idea is to make each hole fun and challenging, using non-perishable food items and various other construction materials. Creativity, resource management, communication, problem solving and teamwork skills all come into play in this engaging program.

Team members work together on the concept, construction, theme and rules of their hole as well as choosing various roles such as golfers, scorekeepers and course marshals.

“Green grass” is provided as the putting surface and non-perishable food items and other construction materials are provided to create bumpers, turns and one special obstacle required for each hole.  Once the final course has been constructed, teams will play a “Corporate Open”.

Next, each player creates their very own competitive (and fun) golfer nickname to proudly wear on the back of their shirts (optional).

With course marshals ensuring that the rules of each hole are adhered to, the competition begins! A fun game of golf and/or your company trivia is used to engage and rally the teams. Both non- and experienced golfers can enjoy this event.

At the conclusion of the “Corporate Open”, all of the food items are packaged by each team and donated to a local food bank, breakfast program or homeless shelter.

As all McKinley programs are tailored, elements of the program can be modified to meet the needs and expectations of the group.