This team building event will energize your team, help them communicate more effectively, get them active and help them tackle the speed bumps thrown at them all the while having fun. We do this by giving each team, most, but not all, of the resources they need to build a bicycle.

The equipment necessary to completely finish a bicycle is found in the resource center or with the other teams. Teams must come together, share resources and align strategies in order to be successful. The resource center is a centrally located pile of ALL parts for ALL bikes and ALL tools needed for ALL teams. Team runners are only permitted to secure one part or one tool per visit to the resource center.

Teams will also be facing a bingo challenge throughout the event; successfully “winning” at bingo will provide team’s access to additional “bells and whistles” for the bike and just maybe a specialized tool that might help them along the way.

A charity of choice, such as the local women’s shelter, i.e. Halton Women’s Place, or McKinley’s charity of choice, The Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation, supporting children with cancers, will receive the bikes after the event.

Team Commercial Presentation (Optional)

As part of the build a bike event, each team is challenged to create a commercial advertising their bike. The commercials are judged on creativity, humor, teamwork and relevance to your workshop’s theme.

This commercial can be tied in to any aspect of your organization including: new product launch, company values, goals, meeting/conference theme, etc.