Team Building Events

McKinley runs organization wide team building events where the goals are to increase the employees understanding of team dynamics and improve how a team works together. Unlike working as a group, working as a team incorporates group accountability rather than individual accountability and results in a collective work product. Team building encourages the team approach to working on a project.

Some of the benefits to this approach include:

  • Increased flexibility in skills and abilities
  • More productive than work groups with individual mindset
  • Encourage both individual and team development and improvement
  • Focuses on group goals to accomplish more beneficial tasks
  • Improved range of team building objectives such as collaboration, communication and increased creative or flexible thinking

Concurrent Sessions

McKinley works with organizations to offer concurrent sessions where appropriate to meet their needs with regard to department and administrative structures. For example, managers and supervisors may be in concurrent sessions and then be brought into the same session for a combined event. The same could apply to sales departments and customer support departments.

Certification Courses

McKinley has developed specific management courses at the request of clients that wanted them as part of a management certificate program. The courses were vetted and approved by a recognized management organization.

Participants that successfully completed the course and exam were granted credits towards their management certificate.


McKinley has a number of seasoned and certified keynote speakers to meet your organizational needs.  Whether you are seeking to entertain and retain your employees with team building exercises, or motivate them, McKinley develops tailored presentations designed to engage your employees.

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