What We Do

Improved performance is the foundation of all solutions and services McKinley Solutions offers organizations, their teams and individual employees.

The first step to improve performance is to attract and hire the right people.

With the right people in place, the next step is to train and retain them through employee engagement and teamwork initiatives.

Performance is much more than offering a training program to “fix” a performance problem, according to Harold Stolovitch, Training Ain’t Performance.

We ensure the transfer of training by identifying solutions to the factors that inhibit transfer - 80% of the knowledge and skills acquired in a traditional training are never applied on the job.

Our teamwork services are designed to align the performance of new and in-place members of your organization to create teams that make a difference.

When you stop learning, you stop leading – McKinley’s leadership programs develop and support the people you need to provide, vision, direction and inspiration for your employees.

How We Do It

McKinley Solutions delivers products and programs based on the philosophy that experience-based education creates optimal learning opportunities.

All performance improvement and learning solutions are tailored to meet your business needs, practices and culture – we believe it is not only the "what" and "how" you do things but also the "why" that matter.