Our Benefits

McKinley Solutions is an innovative training and skills development organization focused on performance improvement. With over 10 years of experience and a team of specialists representing all key disciplines of human resource management, we offer custom tailored solutions to both large and mid-sized organizations.

The McKinley organization is comprised of professionals from across Canada focused on facilitation, training & development, coaching, instructional design, event planning and logistics. Each client or partner receives a client manager and all correspondence is handled one-on-one through that client manager. Our bilingual facilitation and design teams work closely with the client manager to ensure no detail is missed. Clients have the opportunity to request and interview facilitators to help ensure fit for the audience.

Our programs provide cost-effective practical solutions. We will work with you to design sessions that best suit your needs while ensuring the integrity of the learning process and learning transfer.

McKinley Solutions is best known for its innovation and passion in workshops and practical applications to helping organizations reach that next level. Improved performance is the focus of all of our solutions and services.

Assessments Enhance Learning

In an industry focused on delivering fun and active training sessions, we ask ourselves “what is the value of a great learning experience if people don’t remember and use what they learned? So while our individual sessions and workshops engage our audience, we also put into place programs to measure what they learned and to ensure they put this new knowledge into practice back in the workplace. 

Our assessment tools and simulations originate from internationally recognized authorities that specialize in assessment instruments and team building simulations.

These highly respected training tools are used by thousands of organizations in every industry for individual, leadership, team, and organizational development.

Assessments and simulations enhance learning by adding relevance and feedback to the situation. McKinley Solutions delivers products and programs based on the philosophy that experience-based education creates optimal learning opportunities.

Custom Tailored Solutions

All performance improvement and learning solutions are tailored to meet your business needs, practices and cultures.  We believe it is not only the "what" and "how" you do things but also the "why" that matter. 

Experience and research demonstrate that performance improvement programs are most effective when they are part of a long-term business development plan rather than a one-off training to “fix” a problem. By tying performance improvement to medium and long term strategy, you can measure the performance gap (between actual and desired), implement methods to achieve the desired results and monitor progress.

McKinley References

McKinley is happy to provide references to prospective clients and partners at the appropriate time during the proposal process. References are available for all proposed programs, team building, leadership, communications and other such as sales and innovation.