About Us

Mount McKinley is the highest peak in North America making it a natural choice for the name of our firm. Also known as Denali, it offers one of the world's greatest expedition challenges. While it is exceeded in elevation by peaks in South America and Asia, its arctic environment — with extreme temperatures and severe storms — and its great height above the Alaskan plain make it a severe test of personal strength, team work, and logistics. No peak in the world has greater relief: Denali rises 17,000 feet above its surrounding plain, Kilimanjaro 14,000 feet, and Everest 13,000 feet.

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Our History

Over ten years ago, a mountaineering expedition team that included Mark R. Thompson, a founding member of McKinley Solutions reflected on the exhilaration of reaching the summit: "You have an advantage in reaching the top when you're surrounded with a team who have already been there". In the context of technical climbing skills, the mountain offers quite varied lines of ascent, from several which require intermediate alpine mountaineering skills to others which rank among the world's most difficult alpine routes. By any route, however, the mountain requires great physical effort, skillful and cautious mountaineering and expedition practices. McKinley Solutions approaches each new project with the same meticulous research, preparation and planning required to successfully summit Mount McKinley. In addition to preparation and planning, successful summits require the right expedition team; here again, McKinley Solutions was no less meticulous in selecting a team with the necessary blend of experience, energy, training, values and passion to help our clients achieve their vision. The McKinley team has reached the summit, both metaphorically and literally, in the fields of mountaineering, experiential education and business. These collective experiences are blended in performance improvement programs that support our clients in reaching their own summits, whatever those may be. Purpose Mountaineering expeditions, like most successful business ventures, are truly a team effort; when one or two reach the top, it is a success for the entire team. McKinley Solutions’ vision is clear, simple and unwavering: we strive to engage and sustain the potential in people. Our vision is to put our clients on the summit – when they succeed, we succeed.